Studs and Spikes!
I use them for everything Jackets, Phone Cases, Shirts, Jeans ...
You can buy Studs & Spikes in many Art Craft Shops. I mostly buy mine off eBay or  http://studsandspikes.com/.

What do you think about studs and spikes?

I made the iPhone Case myself, I bought the Gold Studded Bracelet from Afflecks Palace, the studded leather bracelet is from TOPMAN, and I bought the golden Studs from eBay.

I gonna use the golden Studs for a Jacket or something like that.

Oh.. and btw ....POST NR. 100!

1 comment:

miasoph said...

this ruuuuuuuuuules! love the phone case.. make one for me too pls :D