Aaliyah is and will always be my favourite Artist. I've got every single Album of her, Posters and even Magazine Articles and stuff. So I was extra excited when Drake announced to release a unreleased Track of her which he is featured on. And Aaliyah's Vocals are HEAVEN! I'm absolutely in LOVE with this Track and it means a lot to me that Drake released it. You can check it out below, and have a wonderful Week! R.I.P. Aaliyah ♥



J'adore Dior | This year’s Autumn/ Winter Collection has got everything I needed to see in a good Collection. Boobs, Splashes of fresh Colour, Elegant Fabrics, Shapes and Structure. The Collection itself is very elegant and modern with some classic Dior Elements. It didn't really looked Haute Couture to me, but that's great because a lot of pieces were actually "wearable". And the Location was absolutely beautiful, the Show took place in the Ritz Hotel, Paris. The Make Up was very fresh and suited perfectly with the whole Atmosphere.  I love the dark eyebrows and the shimmery eyeshadow! Overall, I loved the whole Collection, and Congratulations to Dior's new Head Designer Raf Simons! He really did a great Job! :-)



Here is the Ad Campaign for ALEXANDER MCQUEEN's Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection which is designed by Sarah Burton. I'm not really a "Big Fan" of the Collection but it does have some wonderful pieces, I just don't think that the Label is as good as it was before with Lee. Alexander McQueen is still my favourite Fashion House of all time but the Ad Campaign seems very "Hipster" which is very mainstream now, but hey. It's creative and interesting to watch. Enjoy!



 I'm mega obsessed with gold accessories, clothes and all kinds of gold things at the moment. 
        It actually started when I was younger because I've always been interested in Egyptology. I just love everything about it. I especially like the combination of black or white with gold elements. For example if a girl or guy is in all Black with gold accessories, It just looks very elegant and classy in my eyes. I've got the biggest Crush ever on the Alexander Wang Rocco Bag at the moment (the bag on the last image) and I might get it for College. I know it's really expensive but I saved up and might get it by end of August. What do you think about gold in Fashion? Yay or Nay? 



The MB Fashion Week in Berlin was the the first Fashion Week I've ever been to and like I said before, I really really enjoyed it. Because It was my first time there, I haven't been invited to a lot of shows compared to other Bloggers who have been there for the past 2 Seasons. So my friend Jeff ( http://www.dudes-and-chicks.com/ ) which I just been introduced to at the Fashion Week this year gave me one of his Tickets for the Irina Schrotter S/S 2013 Show. The Show took place on a rainy day in the late evening and the atmosphere was great because It wasn't as full as some other shows which took place in the morning. Anyways, I never really heard of Irina Schrotter before, and all I knew was that she is part of the "Romanian Designers".

The Collection was very modern, with a lot of transparent/floaty fabrics. It was absolutely beautiful, but some of the Fabrics were too delicate so they entangled in the shoes. But because the name of the Collection is "Shapes Of Light", the fabrics should be very light weight and delicate :-)
The shapes were different and interesting and most models wore large jewellery.

Die MB Fashion Week war die erste Fashion Week auf der ich jemals war, und ich fand es toll wie ich zuvor sagte. Weil es meine erste FW war hatte ich nicht soviele Einladungen wie so manch anderer Blogger der schon bei den letzten 2 Seasons da waren. Zum Glueck hatte mir Jeff ( http://www.dudes-and-chicks.com/ ) eine Einladung fuer die Irina Schrotter gegeben. Die Show war an einem regnerischen Abend und die Atmosphäre war toll,  es war nicht zu ueberfuellt udn wir fanden tolle Plaetze in der 2. Reihe. Die Kollektion war sehr modern gestalten mit vielen tollen Elementen die man nicht jeden Tag sieht, die Models waren sehr ausdrucksstark und die Stoffe waren sehr leicht, manchmal aber zu leicht also verhedderten sie sich in den Schuhen. Allgemein fand ich die Show sehr toll, und bin sehr dankbar fuer die Einladung :-)