Hey Guys, you might have heard about or seen the Tumblr Blog SEXY-SWEATERS, if not you should check it out! They got some amazing Jumper Prints with images of all kind of inspiring and funny things or quotes. The variety of jumpers is crazy, they got something for everyone. And the Jumpers are going to be for sell SOON! I personally can't wait to buy a jumper from them. They're going to be available on eBay for 50-100 dollars. So stay updated! hehe


Anonymous said...

OMG I neeed one!! are you gonna post about it when they're finally sold?

Fion said...

Thanks nice sweater ;)

Anonymous said...

Such a kick ass sweaters!!!


Stasy Shurdova said...

Oh!! it's gorgeous! I've been waiting when these Tumblr Sweaters become real. And now you found them and show it))
I adore that one http://fusion-store.com/en/shop/sexy-sweaters/you-nev.. Best realization!