I'm mega obsessed with gold accessories, clothes and all kinds of gold things at the moment. 
        It actually started when I was younger because I've always been interested in Egyptology. I just love everything about it. I especially like the combination of black or white with gold elements. For example if a girl or guy is in all Black with gold accessories, It just looks very elegant and classy in my eyes. I've got the biggest Crush ever on the Alexander Wang Rocco Bag at the moment (the bag on the last image) and I might get it for College. I know it's really expensive but I saved up and might get it by end of August. What do you think about gold in Fashion? Yay or Nay? 


SOMI said...

oh i really like your header!!!
and the name of your blog is quite good :)

Meroda said...

You have a great blog
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