Hey Guys,
I promised in my last post that I'll do a Beauty/Skincare Post and here it is.
 Many, many People got problems with their Skin, and I'm one of them.
It's not that serious with me, but there's always a time (about every 2 weeks) I get a lot of breakouts. 
So I researched skincare products, and I've tried several, but now I've found the right combination.
But healthy skin also has something to do with what you eat,
so I started eating more fruits and vegetables and I also drink about 2ltr water a day.
If you got any problems with your skin, here are some of my personal favourite products :-)

1. Facial Brush - THE BODY SHOP.  
I use the Facial Brush in Combination with the Vitamin Rich Cleanser.

2. Vitamin Rich Cleanser for Dry/Sensitive Skin - BOOTS  
This Cleanser is great! It really clears your Pores

3. Nivea Creme - BOOTS
You can actually buy Nivea Creme everywhere they sell cremes,
it's good if you got dry skin.

I hope my tips helped you :P
it's not a "beauty Blog", 
I just wanted to try something different. 

xoxo Leon Alexander

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Anonymous said...

great post! I use Clinique products for my skin because it's very sensitive.