NEW IN: Vintage Sunnies

Last Week I was just browsing on ASOS, I was not even about to buy something ... but I just had to *lol*
We already had Spring weather here in the UK last Week, and I only got 2 pairs of Sunnies so, I just had to buy them. This is a pair of a Brand called "RECLAIMED" and they are called VINTAGE CLUBMASTER SUNGLASSES. I bought them for £18, and I think it's worth it.
But as I was browsing on Asos again this Week i saw that the pair I've got is already sold out in that Colour.
They still got them in a "royal blue" tone here
The sun can't harm me now! haha

and btw. Happy Birthday Alexander McQueen

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Jayvee Doroteo said...

Some cool sunnies man!!