The past few days been mega busy because I only got about 6 School Weeks left. I’ve been revising, staying longer in school and sleeping lol Nothing special. And the weather was just absolutely lovely the past days, but not as warm as in Berlin though ... They had like 27 degrees! *unfair* But hey ... here are some Inspirational images I collected over the past few Days. At the Moment I'm in Love with Givenchy, their prints are just really unique and exciting. I'm also in love with black/white images, for example the image of Madonna that was taking in the 80/early 90's.  I'm actually still in love with studs/spikes even though everyone is werking them right now... But my biggest inspiration is Vintage, because I'm a 90's child and I'm still in love with the Oldschool Fashion. My next post will be about my favourite my favourite 90's TV Show and how the Fashion has inspired our time.


miasoph said...

cool pictures
you have a good taste
loooove the denim jacket

ali.avenue said...

love it honeyyyy

Anonymous said...

great inspiration! i love the 90s, so am really exicted for your next post!!



Ich liebe deinen blog oo: !

xoxo; Jeannine !

fairies and toffees said...

Wow dein Blog ist Hammer!

Zizzi'sCloset said...

Love the pictures, very spicy. Think the Gaga and Madonna ones are my favourites... I'm in love with black and white pictures too! xx