First of all my Blog exist since 1 year now and I met my target to reach 100 Readers! Thank you for your Support. Like I promised in my last post, I wanted to do a post showing you how 90's fashion has inspired our time. So I found some images of "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" whichw as a TV Show from the early 90's . The main Character "Will" was played by the one and only Will Smith. He was always top dressed in the the latest Fashion. He mostly wore Big, colourful prints which were very common in the early 90's and he often combined it with Doc Martens or Trainers from Nike/Adidas/Mike Jordans. Basicly he always wore a lot of eye catching colours which are in trend right now as you can see on online Shops like Topshop, Topman and Asos. Also the sunglasses are very common right now for example Ray Ban Wayfarer's. If you are interested in buying Vintage Fashion I would advise you going to the CAMDEN MARKET in LONDON, they sell a lot of rare Vintage pieces. Right now I'm looking for a Vintage oversized Gianni Versace Shirt as Jessie J was wearing on the GRAHAM NORTON SHOW *Picture below*.  What do you thik about Vintage Fashion? Where do you think are the best Vintage Shops?


Anonymous said...

super cool inspiration!

ali.avenue said...

hahaha looooove it broo <3