/Just came back from school, and yes I wanted to get the ice on the picture
/Follow me @iLeonOsaro, it's worth it/

/ No, I didn't threw Confetti or Dougied.../
/Spikes, Spikes, Spikes! It's not done yet/
Yes, I'm eating breakfast at lunchtime/

/That's not cute atall/
Mi iPhone Case! Don't get jel jel :P/

/My impression of Megan Fox/
Schnitzel Love ♥/

/Hey, Hey/
Don't f#&% with Elite London!/

/*gasps for air* LOOOOOL/
yeey, finally getting cheekbones hahaha/

Hey Guys, 
My last few weeks been really busy, i've been revising, revising and revising. 
My Exams have already started and I just need to concentrate more on doing my school work instead of Blogging or using any Social Networking sites at all. I hope you guys heard of the App called Instagram, it's so awesome! You can share your Life through your iPhone, take some great Photos and add some Vintage Effects to them. Here are some of my favourite pictures I took in the last few days,
I've been using it for quite some time now and find it really fun actually :)
It's available at the App and Android Store.You should defo try it out! 
Have a great Week, and tell me what you think about instagram! 


Laura said...

OMFG i want an iPhone Case like yours :O Love Love Love!!!

Anonymous said...

uuuhhhhh wunderschöne cheekbones :))